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College Choices to Consider

One career field that is getting a lot of attention lately has been criminal justice. The criminal justice field consists of a wide variety of professions, including basic local law enforcement, federal law enforcement, law office assisting, paralegal, private security positions and quite a few more. Read more about criminal justice careers and classes.

There are such a variety of career choices here that most people should be able to find something that interests them. Some criminal justice jobs can be dangerous, some can be exciting, some can be fairly dull. You have your choice. If you take a look at the different positions, you might find one that fits your personality. There are plenty of discussions at Academia.

You can always enroll at college in their liberal arts school where you can study any number of traditional college subjects. Liberal arts majors are sometimes criticized for not being job-specific, but in most cases, a liberal arts degree combined with some real world experience or internship is all that is needed to secure that all-important first job. Read about this and about school options.

If you're interested in leaving LA to attend college, you may consider San Francisco or San Diego if you want to stay in California. Read more about attending college down in San Diego.

Or, if you're intent on leaving the state to attend school, you have hundreds of options. While you may be considering the well-known universities around the country, you should also look into some of the less-popular schools, such as those in the Midwest.

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